RWA Swag Bag + Signed Print Book Giveaway

April 15, 2017 03:46 PM Posted by juliannadouglas

This month I have a new tote bag from the 2016 Romance Writer's of America national convention and author Melody Anne to give away. It’s a big, roomy, purple bag with pink lettering that says, “Live, Laugh, Love” along with RWA’s and Melody Anne’s logos. I’ve filled it with a selection of swag, a few of which are premium swag items.

In addition to the tote bag, here are some of the things the lucky winner will receive in this swag prize package:

  • Can cozy, luggage tag, mini travel sewing kit, screen cleaning cloth, single-sided handcuff w/keys

  • Pen, notepad, Post-it flags, health & beauty items, candies, key chain, a bracelet, and more goodies.

  • Collectible bookmarks, postcards, rack card, trading cards, and more, a few of which have been signed by the author.

  • PLUS A signed print copy of your choice of any one of my books, His Heart’s Desire, Heart of the Season or my brand new one, Butterfly Serenade with matching swag.


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March 2017 Book of the Month Giveaway

April 15, 2017 03:32 PM Posted by juliannadouglas

My favorite read from the month of March was actually a re-read for me. I first read it about ten years ago, when I was coming off a book drought that had lasted at least that long. When I became a mom in 1995, reading somehow got put on the back burner. I guess having a cranky, demanding infant, who turned into a cranky, demanding toddler, and then baby #2 three years later will do that to you.:-) In any case, reading fell off my radar for quite a while, but during that time, I remember looking longingly at my stuffed bookshelves. In 2007, I became determined to get back to reading, and I did. My latest book of the month pick was the first book I chose from those packed bookshelves and the first I had read by this author. It made me fall in love with her work and immediately run out to get the other two books in the series.


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TV Tuesday - The Voice Part 2

April 4, 2017 03:47 PM Posted by juliannadouglas

About a month ago, I blogged about my surprising connection to one of The Voice artists this season. (If you missed it, you can catch up here.) His name is Josh West, and he’s fast becoming famous as much for his hair as his talent.:-) I’m happy to say that not only did he get that 4-chair turn on the blind auditions, but he’s now made it through both the Battle Round and the Knock-Out Round of the competition. It’s been a long wait in between his performances, and sadly his Battle Round got montaged, although The Voice did finally post the full performance on YouTube. So last nights Knock-Out Round was the first time I’d really seen him on TV in weeks.


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Romance Novel Convention Swag Bag Giveaway #5

March 17, 2017 03:18 PM Posted by juliannadouglas

Last month I promised readers of my newsletter one more Romance Novel Convention swag bag giveaway. This is the last stuffed RNCon bag I have, but stay tuned, as I still have plenty more swag items to give away in future months this year. This bag isn’t quite as full as the first two I offered last year, but there’s still a nice selection of swag in it.

The lucky winner will receive this great RNCon prize package:

  • RNCon 2015 Swag Bag – It has fourteen lovely full-color romance novel covers along with the RNCon logo on both sides. Each side depicts different covers, so that’s 28 unique covers in all.

  • A flash drive loaded with a free ebook copy of Angela Knight’s Paladin.

  • Magnets, a pen, notepads, air fresheners, health & beauty items, candies, key chains, a bracelet, and lots more goodies.

  • Several collectible bookmarks, postcards, rack cards, trading cards, and more, a few of which have been signed by the authors.

  • PLUS A signed print copy of your choice of any one of my books, His Heart’s Desire, Heart of the Season or my brand new one, Butterfly Serenade, with matching swag.


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February 2017 Book of the Month & Giveaway

March 17, 2017 03:06 PM Posted by juliannadouglas

February wasn’t quite as phenomenal of a reading month as January was. I had several really good reads, but only one romance hit that all-important five-star mark that a book needs to reach for me to make it my Book of the Month. It’s the third medieval romance I’ve read this year and was written by a favorite author who hasn’t gotten nearly enough attention from me. I don’t know how I keep putting her books on the back burner when I always seem to love her deeply emotional stories that are equal parts sweet and sensual.

In this one, we have Anya, a young woman who’s been betrayed by nearly every man she’s ever known and has also been in a long-standing feud with the church over her giving birth to a child who was the result of rape. With her parents gone and the only brother she can really trust away fighting in the Crusades, Anya is facing increasing pressure from her other brother, a greedy monk who is trying to take away the only home she’s ever known to further his own career. On top of that, there’s a shortage of food, leaving her wondering how on earth she’s going to feed all the souls under her care throughout the coming winter. Into this bleak landscape comes a kind and gentle knight who Anya finds in the forest, beaten, bloody, and near death’s door. She takes him home, where she tenderly cares for him and by the time he’s recovered, he’s fallen for her and willingly does everything he can to help her out of her untenable situation.


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Interview with JOSSiLYNN & Giveaway

March 17, 2017 01:18 PM Posted by juliannadouglas

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I met JOSSiLYNN at the 2015 Romance Novel Convention. (If you haven’t read about it yet, you can catch up here.) We hit it off the first morning of the conference and have been friends ever since. When I met her, JOSSiLYNN was already working on her erotic Book Convention Romance series, so after we went back home, she asked me to beta read the first book, which I happily did and enjoyed very much. Fast forward several months and she finally released the entire series, which I’ve been slowly making my through. I’ve now read all but the last one and liked each one in turn for different reasons. Now I’m excited to introduce my friend and her work to my readers. JOSSiLYNN is also offering a giveaway for the entire 5-volume ebook set of her Book Convention Romance series. I hope you enjoy my Q & A with this talented author. Scroll to the bottom to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.


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TV Tuesday - The Voice

March 7, 2017 05:32 PM Posted by juliannadouglas

Until the current season (12), I hadn’t ever watched The Voice. When it debuted back in 2011, I guess I didn’t take much notice. I thought it was just another American Idol type show, and while I never really watched Idol either, what I heard about it through the grapevine didn’t really make me want to watch it. I know that a number of stars were born from the show, who’ve gone on to have very successful music careers, which is awesome. But what really bothered me about the show is the judges’ (mainly Simon Cowell’s) cutting remarks, which often seemed unnecessarily cruel. I didn’t have to be a fan of the show to hear about stuff like that, and watching singers, whether they had genuine talent or not, being humiliated on national television held no appeal for me at all. So when The Voice came along, I simply wrote it off, thinking it was probably more of the same.


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January 2017 Book of the Month & Giveaway

February 16, 2017 07:16 PM Posted by juliannadouglas

January was a stellar reading month for me. I read a total of six books and novellas, all but one of which rated five stars. The one that didn’t was still 4.5 stars. So that’s a near-perfect month’s reading. I’m not sure that’s ever happened to me before.

With this many wonderful books to choose from, one might think it would be difficult to pick just one to name as my Book of the Month, but in the end, it wasn’t too hard. Anyone who’s been following my blog with any regularity, probably knows that I’m now a huge fan of the series this book comes from. I’ve already named the first two book of the series previous Book of the Month winners, so it’s not too surprising that I would pick this final book of the trilogy as well. It took me on a tumultuous, emotional, roller-coaster ride, and I loved every minute of it. The only thing that could possibly make it any better is if I could flip a switch in my brain and forget the story, so I could read it all over again like it’s the first time.:-)


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2016 Best of the Year & Choose Your Own Giveaway

February 16, 2017 01:33 PM Posted by juliannadouglas

Long before I started writing my own novels, I was a reader/reviewer. I founded my review website, The Hope Chest Reviews, in 2008, and despite now being a busy writer, I’ve continued to write and post reviews there for all the book that I read for pleasure. At the end of my first year, I started my Best of the Year list. Back then it was actually called the Best & Worst of the Year list, but let’s face it, nobody wants to see their book on a Worst of the Year list. I know I certainly don’t, so last year, I changed the name and started posting only the very best of my reading. After all, as a reader, that’s what I would want to know. Which books are worth taking a closer look at? And as for which to possibly stay away from? Well, the reviews can speak for themselves.

The Beast Book Cover


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December 2016 Book of the Month & Giveaway

January 16, 2017 01:08 PM Posted by juliannadouglas

Between the busyness of the holiday season and the mad last-month dash to get my newest book ready for publication, I fell behind on my blogging. In order to catch up, that means that I’ll be bringing you two Book of the Month giveaways this month, one for November and one for December.

My favorite read for December was the eleventh book in the popular historical romance series, Maiden Lane. Again, if you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know just how much I love this series and the author. I’ve given away some of her books before. I just can’t seem to get enough of her writing and even had the privilege of meeting her in person and taking a wonderful writer’s workshop with her a few years ago. I feel like a broken record every time I review her new releases, because each one seems to entrance me as much as the others. This latest book features a relatively new hero, who was just introduced in the previous book, and a heroine who’s been around for most of the series in a supporting role. Their story is one filled with action, adventure, a touch of mystery, and some heart-stopping romance that didn’t fail to keep me engaged throughout.


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