My Stories

Just as my tagline says, I write sweetly sensual romance. My stories tend to be sweet in tone, but I try not to skimp on the sensuality that so many romance readers crave. Basically, I follow one of the best pieces of writing advice I've ever received, which is to write what you like to read. I love sweet stories, but I also love sensual stories. I don't often find this combination together, so I've paired them up, all in one package, and hope others enjoy this style too.

As a long-time lover and reader of romance, I've become somewhat disappointed by the number of books being marketed under the romance genre that, in my estimation, contain very little romance to speak of. Even more disillusioning is that they often don't seem to exhibit much of an emotional connection between the characters either. When this happens, the love scenes are sadly reduced to nothing more than just sex. The way I see it, if a book is a romance, then it should be genuinely romantic. That's why I pledge to myself and my readers to always put forth my best effort at building an emotional connection between my heroes and heroines, creating some truly romantic moments for them within each of my stories, and writing love scenes that express a tender sensuality that goes beyond the joining of two bodies.

At the moment, I'm writing contemporary romances, but I don't like to box myself in too much. I always endeavor to give my creativity free rein to take me where it will. As a result, I also have ideas brewing for historical, paranormal, and maybe even erotic romances. For readers who are willing to accompany me on this writing adventure, who knows what I might be inspired to write next.

My Heroes

I'm afraid readers who want chest-beating, testosterone-laced, alpha males will have to look elsewhere. My heroes tend to be more beta or gamma (the alpha/beta hybrid). They are more likely to be in touch with their emotions and treat the heroine with gentleness and respect. They are loving, kind, sweet, tender, and best of all, actually romantic. Occasionally, one may be a bit more brooding, but he always has a good reason. I love brainy guys, so a few may embody some geeky qualities. I basically write the kind of heroes I most like to read. Although I can enjoy a well-written alpha from time to time, I'm not sure I could write a convincing one if I tried. Perhaps someday if the inspiration strikes, but for now, I'll stick with what I know and love.

My Heroines

Each of my heroines are usually the quintessential girl next door. She's sweet, kind, and loving. She might be a plain Jane, and even if she's pretty, she still may have vulnerabilities. She'll never act like she's better than anyone else, regardless of how attractive she is. She loves her hero to distraction and may offer him nurturing and emotional support if needed. Some may be gentle and caring, while others may be a bit more feisty and take-charge, but she will always (I hope) be someone who is likable to readers. As with my heroes, I write the kind of heroines I like to read. This is also the type of person I am (or perhaps would like to be), so again, I write what I know and love.

Quotes Julieanna Likes

"A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say."— Italo Calvino

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