Colin O'Malley

Musician/Music Therapy Major

Age: 24
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Traits: Loving, Compassionate, Protective, Gentle, Talented, Confident

Colin is a brilliant musician who has a passion for helping people and wants to use his talent for that purpose. When he unexpectedly falls in love with Rose at first sight, he focuses all his energy on finding out what put the haunted look in her eyes and healing her with his unconditional love.

Romantic Quotes

“You’re everything I could ever want, and I’ll never get tired of you, my sweet Rosie.”


I’ve loved Rose since the minute I laid eyes on her. Even in the moments of her deepest pain, her inner beauty always shone through.

Emotional Quotes

What I want to do is lose myself in my music, to soothe the wound in my soul caused by the knowledge that such horrible abuses have occurred–still occur–in the world every day. Knowing such things very likely were done to the beautiful woman in my bed, who I’m rapidly growing to care for, only makes the ache inside me all the worse, because it hits so close to home. … I play until I’ve poured out all my sorrow, horror, and anger … until the burden of this unwanted knowledge lightens and I feel more normal again … until the gray light of dawn begins to creep through the curtains, washing the room in the newness of another day.

“Yes, it is terrible, but it’s not a secret anymore. At least not from me. And now that it’s out in the open, we can deal with it together. As horrible as it is, none of it was your fault. This was something that happened to you, not part of who you are as a person. You can let it shape you, but it doesn’t have to define you.”

Sweet Quotes

“Of course you deserve it. Everyone deserves someone who’ll be nice to them.”

“But what I'm trying to say is that I really like you, Rose. You're pretty, you're intelligent, you have a kind heart, and as you've just proven, you can make me laugh.”

Sexy Quotes

“... you don’t deserve to be fucked. You deserve to be loved. And when I make love to you, I want it to be all of you and not just your body.”

“It’s a nice surprise seeing you here. I’ve been thinking about you all day. Maybe I should go lock the door and have my wicked way with you right here and now.”

Model: Kaden James

Quotes Julieanna Likes

"A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say."— Italo Calvino

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