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I only had one five-star romance read during the month of September, but it was an awesome one that I’m very pleased to recommend. It was a re-read by a long-time favorite author of mine, and the final book of a trilogy. In fact, it was this series that made me a fan. All three books ended up being five-star keepers, but this one was my favorite of the bunch. It totally blew me away with how romantic, passionate, beautiful, and just plain amazing it was, and I could probably read it over and over and never get tired of it.

Despite being born an aristocrat, Nick was orphaned at a young age, fell in with the wrong crowd, and turned to petty thievery and other criminal pursuits to survive. After a stint on a prison hulk where his sister believed he’d died, Nick built a fortune by having a foot in two worlds, one as an underworld crime boss and the other as a semi-respectable thief-taker. At the end of the second book of the series, he’d pretty much reached the end of the line and was once again facing prison, or more likely hanging, until his brother-in-law, the chief magistrate, intervened. Now he works for Bow Street as a Runner, but has taken on a private commission to search for a runaway bride. When he finds and meets the lady in question, he is completely enamored of her, and when he discovers her real reasons for running away from her betrothed, the man who hired him, he feels protective toward her. When she offers to be his mistress, he counter-offers marriage. Of course, his employer is obsessed with his new wife and not inclined to give her up so easily. Then there’s the matter of his brother-in-law pressuring Nick into taking up his aristocratic title again, something he doesn’t want to do because it makes him feel like he’s losing his independence. Nick is a dreamy hero, who’s an amazing lover. He has a natural instinct for passion and sensuality, but the way he came by his expertise isn’t typical and he isn’t given to sleeping around. In fact, he’s coming off an extended period of celibacy when he meets the heroine. Plus Nick is tortured by his past which really tugged on my heartstrings. All these things together made him one of my all-time favorite romance heroes.

Charlotte, known to everyone as Lottie, was betrothed by her parents to a wealthy older aristocrat when she was just a child. The man paid for her education, but everything from what she wore, to what she was allowed to eat, to what subjects she studied were dictated by him, all for the purpose of making her into the "perfect" wife. He even abused her, and her parents turned a blind eye, so after graduating, she changed her name and ran away. She’s been hiding in the country ever since, working as a ladies’ companion. When she meets Nick, he stirs feelings in her that she's never felt before. Although she’s hurt upon finding out his real reason for being there, she makes her offer to be his mistress, because she’s knows that his hardened past would make him well-suited to protect her against her abuser. She couldn’t be more surprised when he offers to marry her instead, but she quickly discovers that it’s no hardship to be his wife. I loved Lottie for being so sweet and down-to-earth. She’s been through as much as Nick has in her short life, so she understands him in a way that others don't. She's also very accepting of everything about him, including his checkered past, and isn't bothered by the idea of being a commoner's wife before she discovers that he's really a viscount. More than anything, she just wants him to be happy and is willing to do whatever she can to help him find his place in life.

I loved Nick for his complexities, his tortured soul, and his loving heart. I like how he wears his heart on his sleeve even though he doesn't realize it. I loved Lottie for her spunkiness in the face of adversity and for daring to step outside her comfort zone to protect herself, as well as for her ready acceptance of Nick's past and his passionate nature. These two couldn’t have been a more perfect couple if they tried. They intuitively understand each other, while their passion and sensuality are a perfect match. Their love scenes are hot and sexy, while still being sweet and tender. I just loved every minute they shared the page together and could have kept reading about them forever. That’s why I’m naming Lisa Kleypas’ Worth Any Price as my September Book of the Month. If you enjoy historical romance filled with tenderness, true love, swoon-worthy romance and plenty of steam, then you should definitely give this book a try. Keep reading to learn how you can win a copy for your own library.

Worth Any Price Book Cover

Cover Blurb-

Nick Gentry, the most seductive and dangerous man in England, has been sent to find Charlotte Howard, a runaway bride who has disappeared without a trace. But when he finds her, Nick is stunned by the intensity of his attraction to the elusive young woman whose adventurous spirit matches his own.

Determined to escape a forced marriage to a man who will destroy her, Charlotte agrees to an audacious bargain . . . she will become Nick Gentry's bride. But soon she discovers that Nick has secrets of his own, and it will take all her wits and stubborn will to tame his tormented soul.

In the desperate quest to protect Charlotte from the diabolical aristocrat who threatens her, one thing becomes clear:

To save the woman he loves, Nick will take any risk . . . and pay any price.

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If you would like to win a copy of Worth Any Price to see how wonderful it is for yourself, just enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below. One lucky winner will receive their choice of an eBook or print copy of the book. If the winner chooses an eBook, I will gift it to them via the eBook retailer of their choice (Amazon or B & N). If the winner chooses a print copy, I will have it mailed directly to them via Amazon. Good luck!

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