Romance Novel Convention 2015 -- Day 4

July 8, 2015 07:11 PM Posted by juliannadouglas

On Day 4 of Romance Novel Convention, well-rested, I was up bright and early (for me – hey at least I beat my hubby out of bed ;-)) and down in the convention hall around 8:30 a.m. to set up for the Book Fair & Festival. With JossiLynn already heading home, Natalie and I had requested seats together. We found our tables and got all our books and other paraphernalia set up just as some of the early bird readers were coming through the door. Normally, I tend to be rather nervous about book signings, but surprisingly, I settled in very quickly. I enjoyed talking with the book fair attendees as they stopped by, and I'm thankful for all the ones who took the time to let me tell them about my stories and even more grateful for those who bought my book. When I wasn't busy with potential customers, I chatted it up with Natalie. We also listened to music provided by the 80z All Stars. They were a very talented musical group, and I loved their set list of almost all '80s music.

80z All Stars Band who entertained us with great music during the Book Fair.

80z All Stars Band

Me posing at my Book Fair table.

Julianna Douglas

Me and bodybuilder/cover model, Billy Thomas. That banner behind us is one of his book covers (Taabia Dupree's WolfsBlood). He's also the brother of our host, Jimmy.

Julianna Douglas, Billy Thomas

My husband taught one of his classes that morning, but after he was finished, he came to give me a break. Then I was able to visit all the other authors, cover models, and other notable guests to chat a bit, collect swag, and get my swag bag signed. (Check back soon for an awesome giveaway I have planned.) The event lasted six hours, which I thought would be pretty long, but it flew by so fast, it was over before I knew it. I was having such a good time I almost didn't want it to end, but I knew I'd have to rest up a bit before the evening's activities.

My new friend, Natalie Wilson and her husband, Will at the Book Fair. In the background behind them is Jett Arnett.

Natalie Wilson

Me and Natalie after the Book Fair.

Julianna Douglas, Natalie Wilson

After dinner, we had a fun and risqué Murder Mystery Theater, starring Jackson Young, David Nicholl, Hudsy Hawn, who leads a double life as a singer (she's incredibly good) and a dominatrix (um… can't speak to her talents there ;-)), a couple of her domme associates, and several of our wonderful RNC volunteers who were pinch hitting. They all did a great job. I was ROTFL laughing at David's portrayal of the gay club owner. We had ballots on our tables to mark who we thought was the killer. I never seem to be able to pick the right person when reading or watching mysteries, so I was shocked that I got it right. After collecting the ballots, they did an audience hand clap to see who everyone thought it was, and the majority of people picked Jackson's character (it was Hudsy's).

After tabulating the ballots, Hudsy was going to give away six tote bags full of naughty, naughty sex toys. Based on that earlier hand clap, I thought there was a better than average chance that I'd be one of the winners. Jackson Young acted as the emcee announcing the names of the winners. Well, sure enough, mine was the last name he called. After our interactions for the past four days, I couldn't help wondering what he was going to think about it being me, and I got my answer as soon as I was close enough to the stage for him to see me. His eyes got really big, and he said incredulously, "Shy Girl?!" I have no idea what got into me, but I gave him a big smile, nodded my head, and collected my prize, as cool as a cucumber and loving every minute of it. That look on his face is something I don't think I'll ever forget, so many thanks to Jackson for giving me another priceless memory.

The prize package I won, courtesy of Hudsy Hawn, for correctly picking her as the "murderer." Hmm... whatever shall I do with all these naughty things.;-) I love that black feather rose. I collect unique roses, so like Hudsy, it can lead a double life as both a teaser and part of my rose collection.

After that, Sean Kanan performed a brief stand-up comedy routine. While we didn't have an organized RNCasanova show this year, the guys did get up on stage and talk about themselves a little, as well as give us a bit of ad libbed entertainment. In the end, David came out and named them all winners. I had so much fun on Day 4, it was probably my second favorite day there. I still have one more day write about though, so check back soon.:-)

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