Romance Novel Convention -- Day 5

July 21, 2014 08:48 PM Posted by juliannadouglas

The fifth and final day of the Romance Novel Convention was a lazy day for me. The only event that day was the live photo shoot featuring our wonderful RNCasanovas. I was too worn out to put in much effort to get there early, so I didn't end up moseying in until around 1:30 in the afternoon. Needless to say, by that time, two of the Casanovas were already done with their part of the shoot, but I enjoyed observing the remainder of it. I got a little taste of what goes into making all those great photos we see on book covers.

I also got to witness a little bit of fun on set as photographer Bruce Heinsius got in front of the camera to perform his signature flying kick with RNCasanova Weston. To accomplish this he, of course, had to turn the camera over to someone else. At first, that person was my hubs, whose immediate reaction was, “What? Me?” as he found a heavy and no doubt very expensive piece of equipment being placed in his hands. Hubs gave it his best shot, but alas, his finger was not fast enough on the trigger. He decided someone else with more experience should take the reins and handed the camera off to David Nicholl, who after a few tries of his own, finally captured the perfect shot.

In between those things, I managed to chat a bit with Weston, Kaden, and our gracious host, Jimmy Thomas, and take a few photos with wonderful guys (see below). All of these guys are totally awesome and not at all what you might expect of models. They're all very kind, generous, and down to earth. I have to give special kudos to Jimmy though, for all the hours and hours of hard work he puts into bringing us this convention. He did have an event coordinator helping out this year (Many thanks to Kathryn Loch for all her hard work!), but he still does all the behind the scenes work himself. I know that he puts in a lot of very late nights (sometime all-nighters) pulling everything together, and his work is very much appreciated by this romance writer and I'm sure by many other who attended as well.

Finances permitting, I hope to return again next year. Romance Novel Convention is certainly the most economical conference of it's kind that I know of, and for two years running, I feel like I've gotten plenty of bang for my buck. It's the perfect mixture of education and fun. Not to mention, it's smaller size makes it a lot less intimidating to someone like me who experiences a lot of nervous jitters in the conference environment. I highly recommend it to romance enthusiasts (writers or readers) who are interested in a smaller, more affordable conference.

Romance Novel Convention may be over for this year, but the fun isn't finished for me yet, here on my blog. Sometime within the next week or two, I hope to bring you interviews with our RNCasanovas, as well as a great RNCon-themed giveaway, so stay tuned for more excitement.:-)

Here's me with my amazing cover model, Jimmy Thomas:

Julianna Douglas, Jimmy Thomas

Here's me with Mr. Casanova 2014, Weston Bouchér:

Julianna Douglas, Weston Boucher

Here's me with RNCasanova Kaden James:

Julianna Douglas, Kaden James

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