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November was a very busy reading month for me. I actually read the most individual stories I believe I’ve ever read in a single month, which was ten total. Of course, they were split evenly between full-length books and short stories. Otherwise, this slow reader never could have managed it.:-)  Nearly all of them were enjoyable reads, though, and two even made it to five-star status. I loved both of them and thought they were equally as good, which made my choice on which to feature as my Book of the Month a difficult one. After much consideration, though, I finally decided that one just barely edged out the other, because of its strong emotional connection both between the hero and heroine and with me as the reader. It’s a steamy contemporary romance by an author I’m featuring for the first time and that’s not unlike my own Loving Hearts stories in that it features a vet tech heroine who wants to become a full-fledged veterinarian and a menagerie of cute animals, so hopefully you’ll enjoy my selection.

Joe is a steady guy who’s lived on Gansett Island all his life. He owns and captains the ferry that runs between the island and the mainland. Although a best friend to her older brother, he’s also been a friend to our heroine Janey and has been in love with her for as long as he can remember. However, she chose another guy in high school and has remained with him ever since, leaving Joe struggling to move on. He still sees Janey all the time and wants her desperately, but knows he can’t have her, so his life is filled with work, hobbies, and the occasional dalliance with a woman that’s never been anything more than a physical release, while there’s a big Janey-sized hole. When he’s the one Janey calls after she catches her fiancé cheating, he’s more than happy to help her pick up the pieces, and when she begs him to make love to her, he’s helpless to resist. But Janey is uncertain about her true feelings for Joe, leaving him in a painful limbo. Joe is a real sweetheart of a guy, who isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. When given the chance with Janey he’s been longing for most of his life, he doesn’t hesitate to jump in with both feet even though he knows it might lead to his own heartbreak later on if Janey can’t return his feelings. I love how he’s always there for her, and pulls out all the stops to romance her in hopes of getting her to fall in love with him. He’s one of the most devoted and loyal romance heroes I’ve ever read.

Janey fell for her fiance, David, as a teenager and has been with him for thirteen years. They had plans to get married, but their relationship is a long-distance one with David living in Boston and Janey staying on the island. After going to surprise him on their anniversary and seeing him in bed with another woman, she doesn’t even stop to confront him, and instead, runs away, only to have her car break down. Since all her family and friends are on the island, the only person she can think to call is Joe, who keeps a house on the mainland. He doesn’t hesitate to come to her rescue and provide comfort for her devastated heart. One thing leads to another, and soon, all Janey wants is to feel something besides pain. Although Joe tries to talk her out of it, she eventually wears him down and gets him to make love to her, which turns out to be a revelation. Sex was never as good with David as it is with Joe, and Joe is so much more attentive in general than David has ever been. But with her barely ending a long-running relationship, she isn’t sure what her true feelings are for Joe. She’s always loved him, but is she in love with him or is he just the rebound guy? While she tries to figure it out, Joe encourages her to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian – something that David had discouraged – but when her dream comes within reach, she doesn’t think she can have both it and Joe. Janey is a very relatable heroine who is sweet but with a backbone. Even though she questions her feelings for Joe given how quickly it all happens, she’s always cognizant of possibly hurting him and doesn’t want that. She even tries to make what she thinks is a selfless choice, but I adore how Joe turned the tables on her to show her just how much he truly loves her.

I ended up absolutely loving this book. At first, I wasn’t sure about the insta-love plot (at least from Janey’s side), but the author really sold it. Joe and Janey are simply perfect for one another. Joe is a to-die-for hero who’s kind, loyal, and not afraid to put his heart on the line, while Janey is sweet, strong, and knows what she wants out of life. Their love scenes are plentiful and steamy, while their romance is deeply emotional and gave me all the feels I look for in a romance. I loved the secondary storyline about the preparations for Janey’s brother’s wedding, which helped tie the book into the greater series story arc. It was just an all-around wonderful story. That’s why I’m naming Marie Force’s Fool for Love as my November Book of the Month. If you enjoy a sexy hero who isn’t afraid to put his heart on the line paired with a sweet but strong heroine who embraces life in a tender, emotional, and steamy romance, then you should definitely give this book a try. Keep reading to learn how you can win a copy for your own library.

Fool for Love Book Cover

Cover Blurb-

Sometimes you have to rock the boat...

Joe Cantrell, owner of the Gansett Island Ferry Company, has been in love with Janey McCarthy for as long as he can remember. And for just as long, Janey has had a boyfriend--now fiance--doctor-in-training, David Lawrence. But when things go terribly wrong and the engagement is broken, Janey decides that a few days on the mainland with Joe--who she calls her "fifth brother"--is just what she needs before she goes home to the island to face her family with the bad news...

Loving Janey from afar was tough enough on Joe, but having her in his house is pure torture. Will he keep himself in the friend zone? Or will he take advantage of this opportunity to show Janey what they could have together? And what will his best friend--Janey's protective older brother, Mac--have to say about it? Now Joe will finally have to decide if it's time to leave safe waters and set his own course...

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If you would like to win a copy of Fool for Love to see how wonderful it is for yourself, just enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below. Since the eBook version of this story is already available for free, one lucky winner will receive a print copy of the book, which I will have mailed directly to them via Amazon. Good luck!

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