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May was another good reading month for me with lots of four and four-and-a half star reads, but only one book rose to the top and received the five stars necessary to earn Book of the Month status from me. Written by one of my favorite authors, it’s the second book the series that introduced her to me. I featured the first book of this same series a couple of months ago, and this one was another awesome re-read. I just adore the entire Knight clan and this book has long been one of my favorites in the series. It’s the story of two lonely souls finding comfort and understanding in each other’s arms, while fighting the forces of evil who want to destroy, not only their burgeoning love, but also the lives of others. This book has a little something for everyone: heart-pounding action and suspense, spy intrigue, a rich and detailed historical setting, and best of all, swoon-worthy romance.

Lucien is one of England's most skilled and cunning spies, who has drawn out many shady characters and dangerous foreign agents by turning a secret underground cave on his country estate into a den of iniquity. To protect his twin brother, Damien, Lucien seduced Caro, Damien's intended, to prove her unworthy of his heroic brother. The selfish, extravagant widow will bed any man who catches her eye, while leaving her young son in the care of her long-suffering sister-in-law, Alice. When Caro goes away to attend one of Lucien’s infamous pleasure parties, Alice follows with the intention of dragging her back home if necessary and making her be a mother to her son. But instead, she accidentally ends up in Lucien’s private viewing chamber, with him believing that she’s probably a spy. It doesn't take long, though, for him to find out who Alice really is and he’s instantly beguiled by the light of purity and innocence emanating from her. Wanting to rekindle that long-lost light within himself and to know if what he sees in her is real or not, he puts her to the test, saying that he will only allow one woman to leave his estate, and she must choose whether it will be herself or Caro. Of course, Alice makes the selfless choice in spite of the damage it could do to her reputation, and for the next week, Lucien gets to know her while gently seducing her. But when news arrives that Lucien's mortal enemy is still alive and posing a major threat, he must choose between revenge and the woman with whom he’s fallen in love. In spite of his charming personality, Lucien is a tortured soul. Working deep undercover as a spy for the Crown, he lives a dark, rather solitary existence and a recent estrangement from Damien has left him feeling more alone then ever. Yet Lucien has always felt like he was living in his brother's shadow and never quite measuring up. When Alice unexpectedly shows up in Lucien's life she brings the light of her innocence and goodness into his darkened world, making his heart long for things he thought lost to him forever. Even though he used trickery and manipulation to keep Alice at his estate, he otherwise behaved in a gentlemanly way, which endeared him to me.

Alice loves her nephew and doesn’t mind caring him, but she’s furious that Caro is shirking her responsibilities as a mother. Determined to make her sister-in-law own up to her failures, she follows her to Lucien’s estate, but the lack of normal party activities baffles her. Growing tired of waiting, she covertly searches for where all the guests have gone, and the sinful decadence she discovers in the Grotto shocks her innocent sensibilities. But it’s Lord Lucien himself, who both intrigues her and arouses a desire in her she’s never known. When he makes his outrageous proposal, Alice is incensed, but for the sake of her nephew agrees to stay so that Caro can leave. At first, she’s annoyed at Lucien for being so arrogant and high-handed, but as she gets to know him, she finds a kindred spirit who understands her sense of loneliness, while she in turns eases his. But when he seemingly chooses vengeance over a life with her, she isn’t sure she can forgive him. Alice is protective of those she loves, while also being kind, caring and intuitive. She understands Lucien in a way that most people don’t and sees the broken man underneath the charming facade. She also had spunk and spirit, speaking her mind to both Lucien and Caro when the circumstances warranted it. I loved her and thought she was the perfect match for Lucien.

Lucien and Alice are a delightful couple who were a pleasure to read. They just fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. He lends her a sympathetic ear, while she tames him and draws him back into the light after years of operating in a dark, violent world of spies and intrigue. I’m normally not a big fan of love at first sight stories, but the author managed to make me believe in this couple's love for one another and a lasting happily-ever-after, even though they had only know each other for a short time. She accomplished this by creating a deep emotional connection between them by having them get to know each other fairly intimately before sharing physical intimacies. Admittedly, the love scenes are few, but I found the sexual tension to be exquisite and laden with tender emotions. All in all, the story was a very well-rounded one that kept me excited about reading it. That’s why I’m naming Gaelen Foley’s Lord of Fire as my May Book of the Month. If you enjoy historical romance with relatable characters, deeply emotional and passionate interactions, and plenty of action and suspense, then you should definitely give this book a try. Keep reading to learn how you can win a copy for your own library.

Lord of Fire Book Cover

Cover Blurb-

After years of preparation, he has baited his trap well, luring the depraved members of Society into his devil’s playground so he can earn their trust and uncover their secrets. Yet no one in London suspects that Lord Lucien Knight is England’s most cunning spy, an officer who has sacrificed his soul for his country. Now an unexpected intruder has invaded his fortress of sin, jeopardizing his carefully laid plans–and igniting his deepest desires.

Beautiful, innocent, Alice Montague finds herself at the mercy of scandalous Lord Lucien. But as he begins his slow seduction to corrupt her virtue, Alice glimpses a man tormented by his own choices, a man who promises her nothing except his undeniable passion. . . .

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