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My favorite read from the month of March was actually a re-read for me. I first read it about ten years ago, when I was coming off a book drought that had lasted at least that long. When I became a mom in 1995, reading somehow got put on the back burner. I guess having a cranky, demanding infant, who turned into a cranky, demanding toddler, and then baby #2 three years later will do that to you.:-) In any case, reading fell off my radar for quite a while, but during that time, I remember looking longingly at my stuffed bookshelves. In 2007, I became determined to get back to reading, and I did. My latest book of the month pick was the first book I chose from those packed bookshelves and the first I had read by this author. It made me fall in love with her work and immediately run out to get the other two books in the series.

The hero, Grant, is a Bow Street Runner who has earned a legendary reputation that precedes him everywhere he goes. He grew up on the streets, but the lucrative private cases he’s solved have earned him enough money to be wealthier than many aristocrats. As a result, he’s equally comfortable at aristocratic parties and out in the mean streets of London. His interest was piqued by the most sought-after courtesan in town, but when he discovered how shallow and manipulative she was, he changed his mind about offering to become her protector. That slight resulted in her spreading lies about him. So when he's called to the scene of a murder, where she is the victim and surprisingly still very much alive, he takes her to his home to recover with every intention of seducing her, especially after he leans that she’s lost her memory. The only problem is she may look like the woman he previously met, but she acts nothing like her. If anything, she’s become the woman of his dreams, and he can’t help falling in love with her.

When Vivien awakens in Grant’s bed with no memory of who she is, it’s frightening to say the least, but he comes to gain her trust. When he tells her that she is a famous courtesan, she’s shocked and appalled. Somehow that doesn’t feel like her at all, but when Grant produces evidence to back up his claim, she can’t ignore it. As she spends time with Grant, she begins to fall for him, but when she learns that he lied to her about the nature of their previous relationship, it causes some trouble between the lovebirds. However, it doesn’t stop Vivien from bravely helping Grant try to figure out who wanted her dead in the first place, and their investigation leads to some shocking revelations.

Even though I remembered the big plot twist in this story, I still had a blast reading it again. In fact, I ended up bumping my rating up from 4.5 to 5 stars, because when I originally rated it on GoodReads, nearly a year after reading it, I didn’t recall precisely how much I loved it the first time around. It's a deeply emotional and romantic story. The sexual tension between Grant and Vivien is exquisite, and the love scenes are beautiful, tender, and steamy, too, exactly what I expect from this author. The mystery was well-done, keeping me guessing (the first time I read it :-)) as to whether Vivien is really Vivien and who had it in for her (something I didn't recall until the story began to progress). It also has two scrumptious secondary characters, Sir Ross Cannon and Dr. Jacob Linley, who go on to get their own stories. It was just an all-around great read that I'd be happy to revisit again. That’s why I’m naming Lisa Kleypas’ Someone to Watch Over Me as my March Book of the Month. If you enjoy a sexy alpha hero with a heart of gold and a sweet heroine who isn’t quite sure who she is embroiled in a whodunit, then you should definitely give this book a try. Keep reading to learn how you can win a copy for your own library.

Someone to Watch Over Me Book Cover

Cover Blurb-

Grant Morgan is one of London's most eligible and unattainable bachelors. He's also a powerful member of the Bow Street Runners, and when he's called to the waterfront late one night to investigate a drowning victim, Grant is stunned to recognize the face of Vivien Rose Duvall, a well-known woman of the night. He's even more startled when he realizes that she's alive. With no one to care for her, Grant carries Vivien to his home and revives her, only to learn that she is suffering from amnesia.

Vivien hesitantly accepts her handsome rescuer's claim that she is his mistress, despite her misgivings about her true identity.

Nevertheless, she can't deny the marks on her throat that prove her near-drowning in the Thames was not an accident, and now she must trust the man who claims her as his paramour, for her life is in danger. As Grant searches for Vivien's attacker, the two find themselves falling in love, all the while struggling to stay one step ahead of the evil forces that will stop at nothing to see Vivien dead.

Read my complete review of Someone to Watch Over Me.

If you would like to win a copy of Someone to Watch Over Me to see how wonderful it is for yourself, just enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below. One lucky winner will receive their choice of an eBook or print copy of the book. If the winner chooses an eBook, I will gift it to them via the eBook retailer of their choice (Amazon or B & N). If the winner chooses a print copy, I will have it mailed directly to them via Amazon. Good luck!

International Entrants: You are welcome to enter my contest, but please note that not all eBooks are available in all countries due to copyright restrictions. If this is the case, Amazon does offer an option to trade for a gift card (I'm not sure about B & N). If you choose print, I can mail it to you via the Amazon website that services your country, pending availability and cost. Otherwise I will mail it to you via U. S. Amazon's standard international shipping, but it may take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive, and I may not have the capability of tracking the package.

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