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June was a good reading month for me. I read five books and all of them received ratings of 4-5 stars from me. However, I’ve run into an unusual dilemma that I’ve never encountered before in that my favorite book for the month is an oldie but a goodie that is no longer readily available. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to read it and pass along a recommendation for it. But unfortunately, since it’s an older book, it isn’t available in ebook at this time, and the paperback version is also out of print with no new or nice used copies available for anything resembling a reasonable price. So for this month’s Book of the Month giveaway, I’m going to go ahead and highlight the book, so that my readers will know about it and perhaps be able to find a copy at the library or get lucky enough to find one elsewhere. But instead of giving away the book itself, I’m going to give away a $10 Amazon gift card. And I’m sure no one will truly be disappointed with that.:-)

So that said, my favorite book from June is a sweet, tender, historical western romance. In it, our heroine, Katie, has been through a lot in her short nineteen years. She lost her mother, and her father and brothers were cruel to her. Then her father forced her to marry his friend, a man who is twice her age and who beats and rapes her on a regular basis. He drags her west to the Nebraska frontier, hoping to start a new life on the land that he brought, but it’s a lonely existence for Katie made up of little more than hard work, punctuated only by the misery of her husband's abuse. Into her solitary life comes a ray of sunshine in the form of an Indian warrior known as Tohave. Bored with their life on the reservation, he and his friends sometimes like to tease and taunt the settlers, which is how he initially meets Katie. From the moment he laid eyes on the flame-haired beauty, he couldn’t forget her, even though he knew that as a white woman, she was forbidden to him. Katie is more intrigued by Tohave than frightened, and when he pays attention to her, comes to visit her when her husband is away, and even saves her life on two occasions, she can’t help falling in love with him. The pair make plans to run away together at the first snowfall, but circumstances conspire against them to keep them from realizing that dream. But despite all they must go through, their love proves to be strong enough to stand up to the test of both time and distance, always keeping a little flame of hope alive that they’ll eventually be together.

I thoroughly enjoyed this epic romance that spans two and a half years from the time the hero and heroine meet until they get their HEA. No one I can think of really writes like this anymore, but for me, all they had to go through to be together only solidified their love that much more in my mind. Katie is a sweet heroine who has a quiet, understated strength of spirit that can be easy to miss if one isn’t looking deeply enough. With Tohave, Katie experiences what real love is for the first time in her life as well as learning that not all men are monsters. Tohave is a kind, protective hero who tries to help Katie and simply love her, while being careful that they aren’t caught as that could be disastrous for him. What Tohave and Katie share is beauty personified, a love that persists despite the most difficult hardships. Their love is a bond that cannot be broken and it gives them the strength they need to get through all the hard times that are thrown at them, which IMHO, made their HEA all the more sweet. The icing on the cake was the author’s inclusion of real historical events intertwined with Tohave and Katie’s love story that taught me a few new things about what the Native Americans were facing at that time.

Everything together made this a near-perfect read for me. That’s why I’m naming Roseanne Bittner’s Prairie Embrace as my June Book of the Month. If you enjoy a sexy Native American hero and a sweet but tortured heroine starring in a tender, beautiful, and epic romantic story, then I hope you’ll try to get your hands on a copy. The author has been able to reprint some of her older titles either herself or through other publishers, so my hope is that this one will eventually get republished as well, so keep looking for it. I’ll help you out with an Amazon gift card that you can put toward the purchase of Prairie Embrace or any book of your choosing. Keep reading to learn how you can win.

Prairie Embrace Book Cover

Cover Blurb-

As the hot sun sparked the fiery highlights of her auburn hair, all Katie Russell could see was the monotonous horizon of Southwest Nebraska. Then, out of the blue, she met the heated gaze of a bronze-skinned, jet-haired Indian and suddenly the dry, barren landscape was lifeless no more. Her flesh tingled with his nearness; her blood sang through her veins as he leaned even closer. The gorgeous pioneer reminded herself that he was a savage heathen and beneath her regard but deep inside she knew her fate was forever bound to his!

When the powerful Sioux warrior Tohave spotted the lone wagon trespassing on reservation land, he raised his lance and charged, intent on punishing the palefaces for invading his territory. But where he expected to see an ugly white-eyes, he found the creamy-skinned temptress who had haunted his dreams.

He pulled her close so she wouldn't run away; he traced her lush curves to make sure she was real. Tohave hated her for coming West, but couldn't stop the swell of love that filled him with primitive passion, as he took her in his Prairie Embrace.

Read my complete review of Prairie Embrace.

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