Christmas in July -- Heart of the Season Quote #4

July 24, 2015 07:36 PM Posted by juliannadouglas

We're down to just three more days until the Heart of the Season release date. I've successfully uploaded the print file to Createspace, and everything is ready to go there and on Kindle as soon as I get my cover adjustments back from my cover designer. We'll also be working on converting the eBook into all the file formats I need to upload it to AllRomance within the next day or two, so if you shop there, watch for the buy link announcement this weekend. Today, I have a romantic quote from Jeannie for you. It's the first thing she says to Zach when he finally shows her his scars.

Wow, your eyes are even more beautiful than I thought. They're the color of a stormy sky. I've always liked thunderstorms.”

Heart of the Season Book Cover


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