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My April Book of the Month choice follows right on the heels of March’s Book of the Month. It was another re-read for me, and the second in the series. While April was a very good reading month for me, with the majority of the books I read rating 4.5-5 stars and nothing less than 4 stars, this particular book was the biggest stand-out for me, because it was nearly perfect in every way. I think I ended up enjoying it just a teensy bit better than last month’s BOM, because of the stronger focus on the romance. The incredibly steamy love scenes were an added plus, too. It’s the story of a heroine who sets out looking for revenge against the man she believes was the cause of her beloved brother’s death, but unexpectedly finds love with that same man instead. The hero has been burying himself in his work to drown out the pain of losing his first wife and child, while waiting to remarry until just the right woman comes along, and he may have finally found the woman of his dreams in our intrepid heroine. It all made for a great story that I loved.

Sophia lost her parents, her brother, her home and her innocence. With nothing left to keep her going except a burning desire for revenge against the magistrate she believes gave her brother an overly harsh sentence that lead his death in prison, she came to Bow Street, seeking employment as a secretary. Her intent is to gain access to their records to search for information to publicly discredit the magistrate and the entire office, as well as seduce the magistrate, get him to fall in love with her, and then leave him heartbroken. The only problem is that the man in question keeps confounding her at every turn with his kindness, compassion, and generosity. Soon she’s the one who finds herself falling in love and putting her heart at risk. I liked very much that she was able to give up her vendetta when her plans begin to unravel. She’s a strong woman, who has been through a lot but still holds her head high, and I admired her capacity to be very loving and forgiving.

Ross is a prince among men, and I loved him to pieces. He’s like a chivalrous knight of old, always looking out for those weaker than himself and always holding himself to a high standard. He’s highly respected by the men who work for him, and he’s able to exert absolute command over them without ever being a tyrant. He was also suitably appalled by the idea that he might have given too harsh a sentence to Sophia’s brother when he learns the truth. To his family and the men at Bow Street, he’s very reserved and perhaps even a bit stodgy. No one would ever believe that underneath that outward restraint is an incredibly passionate man who’s an amazing lover. Rakes and rogues are a dime a dozen in romance, but Ross is known to nearly everyone as the “monk of Bow Street,” having chosen to be celibate for an extended period of time after his wife’s death. That means he gets to unleash all that passion and creative love-making skills on one woman, which is very romantic to me. He’s almost too awesome for words, and definitely earned a spot on my favorite heroes list.

This book ended up being an incredible re-read that was chock full of the deeply romantic interactions I crave in romance. Sophia is a heroine I could admire, most especially for the way in which she is able to read Ross and offer him the support he needs. Ross is a beautiful hero inside and out, who supports Sophia every bit as much as she supports him. The love scenes are scorching hot and borderline erotic, which was great, too. Everything combined makes this a book I’d be happy to revisit again in the future. That’s why I’m naming Lisa Kleypas’ Lady Sophia’s Lover as my April Book of the Month. If you enjoy a sexy, honorable hero who’s a dream lover, an admirable heroine who places love above all else, and lots and lots of steamy moments, then you should definitely give this book a try. Keep reading to learn how you can win a copy for your own library.

Lady Sophia's Lover

Cover Blurb-

Why is Lady Sophia looking for a lover?
And could she seduce the most marriageable man in London?

Lady Sophia Sydney would do anything to ensnare the unattainable Sir Ross Cannon. Her goal: to ruin his reputation and cause a scandal that would be the talk of all London. So she insinuates herself into his life by gaining his trust and living in his house.

Every morning, her lush presence tempts him beyond all reason . . . the way she bends over the table to serve him the meals she has prepared . . . the way her hands oh, so gently—yet sensuously—brush against him. Every night, she promises with her eyes—and her body—that the hours before dawn could be spent in unbridled passion instead of restless sleep—if only he'd let her share his bed.


She knows he is falling more in love with her each day. But she never counted on falling in love with him. And she never dreamed he might very respectably ask for her hand in marriage.

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If you would like to win a copy of Lady Sophia’s Lover to see how wonderful it is for yourself, just enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below. One lucky winner will receive their choice of an eBook or print copy of the book. If the winner chooses an eBook, I will gift it to them via the eBook retailer of their choice (Amazon or B & N). If the winner chooses a print copy, I will have it mailed directly to them via Amazon. Good luck!

International Entrants: You are welcome to enter my contest, but please note that not all eBooks are available in all countries due to copyright restrictions. If this is the case, Amazon does offer an option to trade for a gift card (I'm not sure about B & N). If you choose print, I can mail it to you via the Amazon website that services your country, pending availability and cost. Otherwise I will mail it to you via U. S. Amazon's standard international shipping, but it may take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive, and I may not have the capability of tracking the package.

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