Pet Lover's Keychain + Romance eBook Giveaway

October 16, 2022 04:34 PM Posted by juliannadouglas

Pet Rescue Keychain

This month for my second giveaway, I’m offering a stainless steel keychain that says “Live, Love, Rescue”. It also has a pawprint charm hanging from the ring. In addition, the winner will receive an eBook copy of any one of my Loving Hearts books, winner’s choice.

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter for your chance to win. Good luck!


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September 2022 Book of the Month Giveaway

October 16, 2022 03:52 PM Posted by juliannadouglas

During the month of September, I read four full-length novels, two novellas, and three short stories. Nearly all of them were good reads with a few receiving five stars from me. But the one I’m choosing to feature, and the one that nosed out the others, is a side novella in one of my favorite paranormal romance worlds. Raze is a Seminus demon medic who works at Underworld General Hospital, but he also moonlights at the vampire night club, Thirst. Seminus biology is such that they need sex to survive and can only climax with females, but Raze is gay, which leaves him in a pickle. He’s had a longstanding arrangement with Fayle, a female succubus who services his bodily needs, but nothing more, which has left him deeply lonely. What he doesn’t know, though, is that Fayle is keeping secrets from him. Slake works for a demon law firm that has sent him to find and capture Fayle. In the course of his investigation, he spots Raze at Thirst and is very attracted to him. When he discovers that Raze has ties to Fayle, it seems like everything is coming together, but after spending one night with Raze and getting to know him better, Slake knows he can’t betray Raze by taking away the female who’s been keeping him alive. If Slake doesn’t bring Fayle to his employer, though, his soul will be forfeit. However, if Slake comes clean with Raze about his true mission and his background, Raze may never forgive him, and even if he does, they might not have a future together if they can’t find a way around Raze’s biological imperative.


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