Pretty Butterfly Watch + eBook Giveaway

October 17, 2021 12:34 PM Posted by juliannadouglas

Butterfly Watch

For my second giveaway this month, I’m offering a lovely butterfly watch. The face of the watch has a pretty butterfly design on a white background. The band is made of multi-colored braided threads edged with a chain. The threads meet at the back where they can be cinched tight around your wrist. In addition, the winner will also receive an eBook copy of my book, Butterfly Serenade.

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter for your chance to win. Good luck!


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September 2021 Book of the Month Giveaway

October 17, 2021 12:24 PM Posted by juliannadouglas

I completed four novels and two short stories in September, but once again, only one received the necessary five stars from me to feature here. It’s the third in a favorite series by a favorite author who I featured once before. Luke and Sydney were teenage sweethearts who were madly in love, but at nineteen, Sydney left their Gansett Island summer paradise for college without ever saying goodbye to Luke. She completely moved on with her life, marrying another man and having two great kids, but an unthinkable tragedy brings her back to the island to heal both her body and mind. About a year later, Sydney and Luke finally reconnect and quickly discover that the old spark is still there. Luke has never stopped loving Sydney, so he’s all in pretty much from the start. However, Sydney is a little more gun-shy, loving their time together, but wanting to take things slow when it comes to making major decisions about their future. She also feels some guilt about having such strong feelings for Luke with her husband only gone a year.  Then there’s the possibility of her parents, who’ve always disapproved of Luke, getting in the way of their budding reunion romance, while Luke is playing a few things close to the vest for fear of getting hurt again, which stirs up a little trouble in paradise, too.


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