Zach West

2nd Lt. U.S. Marine Corps & Web Designer

Age: 24

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Gray

Traits: Shy, Self-Conscious of Scars, Brooding, Lonely, Looking for True Love

Zach is a lonely wounded warrior. He longs for a woman to love him unconditionally but isn't sure if such a person exists. He's also an animal lover whose sole focus is bringing home his furry best friend that he met in Afghanistan.

Romantic Quotes

“He was an idiot. Nothing else makes sense. A guy would have to be blind not to notice how beautiful you are, and he'd have to be a cold-hearted son of a bitch not to appreciate how gentle and caring you are.”

“Have I ever told you how amazing you are?”

“I never believed I would meet someone like you. You're so beautiful and kind and generous.”

“Beautiful and smart. What did I do to deserve you?”

“You weren't just touching my body. You touched me in places I didn't know I could feel anymore. You made me feel like a super-hero.”

Emotional Quotes

“My life has always been pretty short on miracles.”

“'ve given me the best Christmas present I've ever received. And it's not just Akilah, it's the gift of your strength, and optimism, and determination.”

“You made me feel like a man again, like someone who had something to offer the world in spite of how I looked and everything that had happened to me.”

“Maybe you didn't make me that man, but you definitely helped me find him again.”

Sweet Quotes

“I don't think you're silly. You're just really soft-hearted. You care about others, even if they're animals. I like that about you.”

“You have a big heart, Jeannie, that's full of love. But when you love that much, you're bound to get hurt once in while. Like I said before, I like that you're so tender-hearted.”

Sexy Quotes

“You've already made me feel better than I've felt ever in my life. You make me so hot, I feel like I'm burning up. That guy was a total idiot to give you up, but I'm so glad he did. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here in my arms.”

“I might be naked, but I'm not half as pretty as you are.”

Quotes Julieanna Likes

"A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say."— Italo Calvino

Goodreads Quotes